Love saves lives.

People who love mountain activities
risk accidents and starvation.
Lifeline Lunchbox helps fight against both.
A meal, handcrafted with love,
and eyes that make sure you’re safe.
Take the feeling of safety with you on your trip.

3D Map

Lifeline Lunchbox is a bento box that carries more than food.
By taking a Lifeline Lunchbox with you on your trek, your location information and safety status will be continually updated by our newly developed wireless communication module.
After eating your handmade Obento meal, press the "Thank you for the meal" button to pass your thanks and notice of safety to the mountain base.
Lifeline Lunchbox strives to be a service that provides safety and peace of mind.

Lifeline Lunchbox contains a dedicated LPWA wireless module. By taking it with you up the mountain, your location will be regularly transmitted to the mountain cottage. Containing not only your tools for safety, but also a handmade meal from the cottage, this Lifeline Lunchbox will be sure to help you through your adventure.

The Lifeline Lunchbox shows the carrier's location on a 3D map, which can be accessed from smartphone or computer. This means that relatives at home have a way to know you're safe in the mountains.

The cottage has a display as well, so those waiting for you can know where you are.3D Map

Our Life Line Lunchbox service is available starting February 2018 at SNOWMAN, a café & restaurant located in Kagura ski resort in Niigata, Japan.Google Maps

  1. Register for our service online

  2. Receive your Life Line Lunchbox at
    the mountain
    hut and take it
    with you on your climb.

  3. Press the
    “Thanks for the meal” button
    after having lunch!

  4. Return the Lifeline Lunchbox
    to the mountain hut

Apply for the service